Those who set up the war must end it.

空襲後の東京をとらえた空撮画像/Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images(BBCNEWS:/2020.03.09 Mon posted at 18:20)
There are no "winners" or "losers" in war, only the "loss" of various things that cannot be restored. No matter how many times we experience it, if we do not learn it as history, we will repeat the same cruel destruction. 
Only hatred and sadness are imprinted in memory without disappearing. Those who set up the war must end the war. Much of human history has been filled with sorrow.
I'm staring at two photos. It is a "city" that has been completely destroyed by air strikes. What was the "passion of the attacking side / bombing side" that had been destroyed and burned down to this point? Of course, there is no doubt that the intentions of the individual soldiers and the commanders of the field did not work, but the judgments and orders of the parties (top) who are waging the war. How many people were working at the usual "dawn" in a city that was burned down as if it were cursed. I have lost the word about human stupidity.(yamano satoshi)